The Ship Management division is a nascent division of this company. It offers a professionally organized shore based technical management team that is geared to work closely with owners to reach the common goal of quality shipping. Our key technical personnel monitor the operation, maintenance, performance and procedures of each vessel in close collaboration with the shipboard management team to ensure that each vessel meets the principal’s expectations and all industrial standards. Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Planned Maintenance System and regular inspections. A constant focus on internal improvement ensures that our services are at par with the highest international standards.

Technical management - With the help of well developed systems and regular market updates, we plan the procurement of spares and stores at competitive rates and ensure that the vessels always have adequate consumable stores in addition to minimum quantities of spares required by regulations. We have a well-developed Planned Maintenance System that helps maintain strict control over the operational cost of the vessels. Elaborate bi-monthly (deck & engine) work done reports from the vessels assist us to closely follow up the progress in repair / maintenance works carried out by the vessel.

Personnel management - We place a great deal of emphasis on selecting and retaining officers and crew of appropriate qualification and experience. By planning and lining up officers with experience in similar type of vessels and by maintaining a roster of crew, we bring down the repair costs that is otherwise spent on procuring shore labour and facilities.

Commercial management - We maintain good business relations with various internationally reputed first class charterers. This helps us negotiate the best hire rates for the vessels. We charter out the vessels in the fleet on long term, short term and spot basis to smooth out the effect of market fluctuations on the company’s charter hire earnings. Our deft handling of charter party issues ensures that the disputes with charterers are kept to the minimum.

Handling H&M insurance, P&I and FD&D cover of vessels – We take all care to protect the owner’s interests and provide safe custodianship of owner’s assets. We maintain a healthy relationship with P&I clubs which helps in obtaining the best premiums for the covers and in handling any potential claims.

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