We maintain good business relations with various Internationally reputed first class charterers. This helps us negotiate the best hire rates for the vessels. We charter the vessels in the fleet on long term, short term and spot basis, to smooth out the effect of market fluctuations on the company’s charter hire earnings. Our deft handling of charter party issues ensures that the disputes with charterers are kept to the minimum.

We Viking shipping provide commercial management service for the vessel in three ways- minimizing lost time, best-in-class maintenance and attention to details, all of which together preserve the asset better and increase the trading life of the vessel. Coupled with optimum costing on the technical and crew management fronts this maximizes the earning potential of the vessel and increases the owner's return on investment.

Viking's sound commercial management practices such as accurate documentation, timely follow up for payments, proper accounting, proper recovery of receivables, timely remittance of money and ensuring compliance with regulations, further enhances the value of this service to the owners.

But even with the best-maintained vessel and the best costing we still need cargoes to translate this hard work to earnings. Viking can, if you so desire, help with the employment of the ship and the post fixture functions like charter party management, cargo inspections and vetting of vessels as well.

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